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Project Description
An add-in for Microsoft Office Excel 2007/2010 to automatically generate documentation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 - [This is a fork off the original CRM 3.0 documentation generator project by Merijn van Mourik.]

This tools generates documentation from an exported CRM 4.0 XML customizations file:
  • Forms - including Tabs, Sections, Field Names, Types and Descriptions
  • Picklists - List Picklist Field Names, Text and numeric Values for Picklists on a form
  • Scripts - Extract the scripts associated with the Form/Attributes on the form. (This is still a work in progress)

Changes from 3.0 version
  • Updated for CRM 4.0 Schema
  • Included 'Description' field and 'Advanced Find' Label in Forms Export
  • Only picklists actually on the published form get generated
  • Improved Script export - It's still a bit rough, but improving.
  • Opens customization zip file (4.0-style)
  • Updated logo to new Dynamics logo. - very important! :)
  • Setup Project installs prerequisites (.net 3.5, VSTO, Office 2007 PIA)
  • Documents strings according to CRM Base Language - (The language id in XML file header can be changed to create documentation in other languages.)


Sample Documentation
Sample of Forms - Forms.xlsx
Sample of Scripts - scripts.xlsx
Sample of Picklist - PickLists.xlsx

The add-in will run on Office 2007/2010 Excel (with Visual Studio Tools for Office (3.0))
Extract the installation files and run Setup.exe - it will attempt to install any prerequisites.
Once the setup completes, Start Excel.
The first time Excel runs with the add-in, you will be presented with a customization installation message - choose "Install."

Open the Add-Ins ribbon, press the load button to load your XML, then press the "Forms" button.
Once you've created a "Forms" documentation spreadsheet, open a new blank spreadsheet and click the "Scripts" button, and then repeat with the "Picklists" button.

The foundation of this project is the result of the work of Merijn van Mourik. Thanks Merijn for the idea and original work with the 3.0 project.

Your feedback and input is encouraged - Please add to the project Discussion area.
Bugs should be added to the Issue Tracker section.

Scott Sewell
New York, NY

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